Ruaha National Park

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The contiguous Rungwa, Kizigo and Muhesi game reserve are the main source of the Ruaha River and the most important place for the Ruaha elephants during the dry seasons over 8,000 searching for water and grassland. The combinations of the above constitute the greater Ruaha Ecosystem with an area of approximately 25,000 square kilometers.

Southern highlands of Tanzania lay Ruaha National Park that covers an area of about 12,950 square kilometers and makes the second largest park. The origin of its name is from the river that crosses to the park having largest water catchments.

The vegetation of Ruaha is covered by tall trees such as baobab, tamarind, acacia albida, wild pigs, grasslands and Miombo woodland to the eastern side of the river.

Ruaha River is a home to hippos, crocodiles and numerous water birds includes spotted eagle owl, African cuckoo, bee-eater, doves’ shrikes and ostriches among others.

Ruaha accommodates other numerous wild animals include roan and sable antelopes, African buffaloes, lions, greater and lesser Kudus, gazelles, wild dogs, cheetahs, wildebeests, hartebeest, impalas and zebras.

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